The wellbeing of our people is critical to our success. We want healthy happy people and endeavour to provide a culture and environment for our people that helps them to be fitter and more motivated and actually enjoy working for us.

Our Managing Director sits on the Southern Water Wellbeing Steering Group and we have two Wellbeing Ambassadors representing us within Southern Water.

Through the Southern Water Wellbeing programme and some of our own initiatives we seek to ensure that our employees feel that as an employer we are caring and supportive. We want every one of our employees to feel that they matter. Providing everyone with the support they need we endeavour to help with the wellbeing of all our personnel and improve their work life balance. As a result, we hope that our staff will be happier and therefore will deliver improved business performance along with a reduction in sickness caused by work related stress.

We seek to provide improved education to employees on what wellbeing is and what it means to them. This education is delivered through a variety of means including e-mails, the internet, correspondence to home, meetings, workshops, leaflets and other literature.

Cappagh Browne Utilities is registered with The Workplace Wellbeing Charter which provides a methodology for employers to demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their workforce. The Charter guides employers on how to make their workplaces a supportive and productive environment in which their employees can flourish.