Cappagh Contractors and J Browne Construction have built excellent reputations, both individually and collectively, as experienced and competent clean water contractors in the South East with term contracts and individual projects being carried out in recent years for Thames Water (the country’s largest water and wastewater services company), Three Valleys Water (the country’s largest water only supply company), South East Water and Portsmouth Water.

The most prominent recent clean water contract undertaken by Cappagh Browne was the Lot 1 Clean Water Repairs and Maintenance contract in North London for Thames Water Utilities which we undertook for all of AMP5 (2010 to 2015).

Under this contract, we were responsible for the repair and maintenance of clean water assets including water mains, communication pipes, valves, hydrants and chambers. The water mains that we work on range in diameter from 90mm to 1200mm. The works are divided into three workstreams; visible leakage, active leakage and network maintenance.

Whilst the majority of the work was straightforward repair jobs, we undertook over 700 mains cut outs per annum and 600 service pipe relays per annum. We employed around 40 clean water teams to undertake a total of 2,000 jobs per month although this would increase in a cold weather event.

Due to our excellent performance in North London, we took over a proportion of the South London area which was subsequently extended further as our performance was demonstrably superior to the incumbent South London contractor.