Cappagh Browne Utilities is a responsible business that seeks to ensure that our activities do not have a detrimental effect on the environment, that we treat all the people with whom we interact with courtesy, respect and fairness and that we continually demonstrate social understanding and positive community relations.


We are committed to protecting the environment, enhancing it where practicable and minimising the effect our activities have on the environment wherever possible. We operate an ISO14001 environment management system, including a sustainability policy, which we continually update to reflect new environmental legislation and best practice.

We ensure that 95% of the waste we produce is required and this also means that we minimise the amount of raw material we consume. Where we can, we use renewable energy sources, seek to minimise emissions and maximise the use of materials from renewable sources.

We provide our personnel with environmental training and require our supply chain partners to demonstrate that they are able to comply with the requirements of our environmental policy and procedures.


We are predominantly a direct labour employer and the majority of our workforce is from the local community. We organise various social activities for our staff and are very active in the wellbeing arena, working hard to create a happy environment for our people to thrive in.

We are an equal opportunities employer and our workforce is made up of a diverse cross-section of the community including a high proportion of ethnic minorities as well as disabled and part time workers.

We provide a significant amount of training for our employees and a number of our own staff who are trained to deliver a varied mix of training including manual handling, safety passport, IoSH supervising and managing safely, affective supervision and behavioural safety training.

We always seek to sponsor any of our employees that are involved in some form of charitable effort as well as our own support of charitable causes.


We have a strong link to the communities we work in. We are a major local employer with over 350 personnel living in the South East of England. We feel an affinity with the localities where we work, and wish to ensure that we are good citizens and contribute strongly to the community. We support our community by:

  • Employing local people
  • Supporting local charities & initiatives
  • Encouraging employee involvement in the community
  • Supporting local business
  • Engaging a local supply chain