Cappagh Browne was formed in 2008 to bid for water and sewerage network repair and maintenance contracts with Thames Water Utilities. The business was a collaboration between Cappagh Contractors Construction (London) Limited and J Browne Construction Company Limited.

Cappagh was formed in 1974 and is a utility and civil engineering contractor based in Wimbledon, South London with a well established waste recycling business. J Browne was formed in 1971 and is also a utility and civil engineering contractor based in Enfield, North London with proven, long term experience in the maintenance of above ground utility assets as well as below ground. The companies have slightly different but complementary strengths. Both organisations had been working for Thames Water for a number of years including both being sewerage network contractors for all of AMP4.

Thames Water awarded Cappagh Browne the clean water repairs and maintenance contract in North London and the sewerage repairs and maintenance contract across their entire sewerage network.

We successfully delivered the clean water contract for the entire duration of AMP5. Having started in North London, our excellent performance resulted in us being awarded part of the South London area which was subsequently extended even further.

We delivered the sewerage contract for the first two years of AMP5 but the Transfer of Private Sewers resulted in Thames Water deciding to let a new contract entitled Wastewater Network Services which encompasses all of the first response and follow on sewerage network repairs and maintenance work including the S105a sewers that transferred ownership to the sewerage companies in 2011. We now work under this agreement as a supply chain partner and we continue to undertake all the civil engineering elements of the repairs and maintenance work on the sewerage network.

We originally commenced with the North London and Thames Valley areas but this was subsequently extended to include South London as well.

We continue to undertake this work and will do so in to 2016, extending our duration of working for Thames Water on their sewerage network to 12 years.

Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited was formed in November 2014 following confirmation of the award of Southern Water’s AMP6 Sewerage React and Maintain Operational Partner contract. It is a special purpose vehicle specifically established to deliver the sewerage react and maintain contract for Southern Water although it has the capability to work for other clients as well.

Under the Sewerage React and Maintain contract for Southern Water we deliver all first response activities and virtually all follow on works which encompasses; blockage clearance, internal and external clean ups, CCTV surveys, planned sewer jetting, manhole cover and frame repair /  replacement, collapsed sewer repair / replacement, burst rising main repair / replacement, maintenance / installation of anti-flood devices, sewer lining, maintenance / replacement of aids to navigation, requisitions, connections, diversions, capital delivery projects and ancillary maintenance.

Across the two sewerage networks we are undertaking £45m of react and maintain work with a workforce approaching 500 people, the majority of which are directly employed.