Cappagh Browne Utilities is committed to respecting the environment and minimising the effect our operations have on the environment.

We recycle in excess of 95% of our waste and make responsible use of available natural resources.

Our environmental policy and procedures comply with the requirements of ISO14001.

We require all contracts to produce environmental management plans prior to commencement, including a detailed waste management plan.

Regular environmental audits are carried out by our full time Head of SHEQ and all staff undertake environmental awareness training.

The Directors are required to audit at least one contract per quarter and discuss the results of the audit at Board meetings. This demonstrates to our people the importance of environmental issues as well as increasing the visibility of directors across the business.

We will pursue wherever possible the use of materials, practices, and processes, products and services that avoid, reduce or control pollution and despoliation of the natural environment.

We monitor our environmental performance through a number of key performance indicators and seek to continuously improve.