Two of J Browne’s staff recently visited the cancer research laboratory at University of Sussex as part of a fund raising initiative to aid research into DNA related cancer treatments. Eleanor Philpott and Jeremy Browne spent a half day in the labs helping separate DNA from cancer cells but mostly trying not to drop anything or get in the way!

Professor O’Driscoll and his excellent team of scientists were very welcoming and they both learned a lot. Eleanor in particular showed some real promise with a pipette and was complimented by the team, they were just grateful that Jeremy didn’t set anything on fire.

Eleanor said, “We had a fabulous day with the team and the work they are doing is fantastic and will make a real impact on cancer treatment in the future, I can’t think of a better charity to support. The money will have an immediate impact in fighting this horrible disease and improving people’s quality of life”.

The Company has made a contribution to the ongoing work and hopes to help regularly going forward but further monies would be very welcome –